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St. Symphorosa & St. Rene Goupil - Church Re-opening Update
Public Celebration of Mass Resumes

July 1, 2020



Limit 100 persons per Mass until further notice
Online registration preferred (reserve your place here - reservations open at 10:00am each Wednesday)

Saturday (Vigil Mass)
4:00 PM – St. Rene campus
5:30 PM – St. Symphorosa campus

7:30 AM – St. Rene campus
9:00 AM – St. Symphorosa campus
10:30 AM – St. Rene campus
NOON – St. Symphorosa campus

One of the realities of the newly unified parish of St. Symphorosa & St. Rene is the necessity for a new Mass schedule. Changing Mass times can be one of the most stressful things we experience in parish life. A pastor and his advisors should only make adjustments to a Mass schedule if it is absolutely a must.

Well, the new parish reality makes the altering of the Mass times a must.

Please make sure the new Mass times are in a convenient place in your home for reference purposes.

To those folks for whom this change causes great angst or anger, please accept my apology and know I understand. But a pastor has to make decision based on the well-being of the entire parish, not just certain individuals. But, yes, I get it. It will take time to adjust, but we’ll walk this road of transition together united by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

As a new parish, we have two options as far as worship site is concerned. Parishioners can participate in Holy Mass at both the St. Symphorosa and St. Rene church buildings. As pastor, I encourage you to make use of both locations depending on what Mass time works for you on a given weekend.

My dream is that in a few years we need to ADD Masses because our pews are full. Right now, that is not the case. Jesus gave us a mission, and this mission prompts us to go, make disciples, baptize and teach. And this is what we’ll be doing in the years to come. It’s both an exciting time but also challenging. We need one another now more than ever.

In the interest of all involved, please respect the procedures that have been put in place for everyone's safety and concerns. We are grateful to have our doors open again. No one should feel rushed to return to Mass. The Archbishop of Chicago has lifted the Sunday obligation for those who are not ready to return to Mass in person. Those persons are encouraged to find Mass online or some other suitable electronic avenue.

Thank you for your patience through this difficult time. We will continue to update you as we move through the various phases of re-opening our church to full capacity. We want to make sure we do this properly.

Thank you,
Fr. Bob Regan

Embrace the Grace

August 8, 2020



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Pastor Announcement

Greetings to all parishioners of St. Symphorosa and St. Rene!

As we all work to traverse and maneuver through this difficult and strange time, we, Fr. Bob Regan and Fr. Idzi Stacherczak, wanted to share some wonderful news in regards to the unification of our parishes happening as of July 1, 2020.

This news comes a little later than expected due to all that is ailing our world at this time, but a new pastor has been announced in the last few weeks and will begin his Pastorate as of July 1st. Fr. Bob, the current pastor of St. Rene, was offered and has accepted the call to continue serving our faith community as its pastor.

As we move forward through this time, hoping we can see each other and pray together again within the walls of our churches, we excitedly await this unification for a stronger and more vibrant parish community. But, as with any joy in life, there can always be some sadness, and with that we also inform both parishes that Fr. Idzi will continue with his plans to retire as of June 30, 2020. To Fr. Idzi, we wish much rest and relaxation after his 45 years of service to our churches.

The Parish Offices of St. Symphorosa and St. Rene.

St. Symphorosa Catholic School

As St Rene and St Symphorosa move forward in the formation of a new parish, we invite all parishioners to consider enrolling your children in St. Symphorosa School. Visit the school website at




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Limited to 100 Registered attendees per mass - Registration will be open on Wednesdays at 10:00am prior to the weekend masses.

When making your reservation, please be sure to include your first and last name.

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Saturday (vigil Mass)
4:00pm - St. Rene campus
5:30pm - St. Symphorosa campus

7:30am - St. Rene campus
9:00am - St. Symphorosa campus
10:30am - St. Rene campus
NOON - St. Symphorosa campus

Daily Mass

Daily Mass will be in church; Attendees must sign in with Greeter and observe Social Distancing guidelines.

Monday - Saturday 

  • For the month of July, Daily Mass will be celebrated at the St. Rene campus.
  • For the month of August, Daily Mass will be celebrated at the St. Symphorosa campus.



Attendees must sign in and observe Social Distancing guidelines.

3:15pm to 3:45pm

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